Welcome to Sensual Fantasies, a fun based site focusing on soft BDSM and Damsels in Distress desires.

I am Knotz and this website is based on my life long passion for sensual bondage play and fun roleplaying. I have been attracted to this lifestyle since I was very little, growing up on the old western serials and superhero tv shows, and just found the appeal of a lovely female waiting for her hero to rescue her. As I grew older, I found more people that shared the same desires and found many ways to enjoy my various fantasies. Now it is my pleasure to share them with you as well as help you find your fantasies and make them come true. Whether you are the dashing hero rescuing the damsel, or the notorious villian capturing the damsel, or even the damsel herself, then come on in and enjoy yourself. Here you will find various pictures and videos of people just like you enjoying their fantasies and desires.

This follows along the lines of Love Bondage and tongue in cheek fantasies. There is nothing hard core here, and anyone desiring such will not find it here. All models are over the age of 18 with proof on file. All people found in this site are here of their own free will and desires. We welcome all that wish to partake in this fun and pleasureable adventure.

We have models and real people here, all acting out with fun and enthusiasm. If you are not enjoying yourself, then why do this? Do not be afraid to indulge in a fun fantasy, no matter how juvinile it might seem, you just might find a great deal of pleasure in it.

New content will be added every week, so keep an eye out for new updates.

NOTICE: Working on current content to provide better service. Current content will remain, adjusting videos for easier download and viewing.

Sensual Fantasies - Real People, Real Bondage, Real Fun. 

We welcome all that are interested in submitting ideas for stories, genres, and styles. We also welcome anyone that wishes to model for this site: male, female, cd/tv/tg. Does not matter your BDSM orientation as well. 


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